Saturday, February 25, 2012

yeee haaaa.... ride em' cowgirl

so I bet many of you are wondering what happened with all the blogging... well, I am not sure.  I had many idea's , but I guess life got in the way and oh yeah... I kind of fell off the vegan wagon. Ouch, only a few bumps and bruises, no panic, I'll be ok.
Maybe in my own shameful way, the brain went and hid in the proverbial sand until I forced it out with a new laptop and a crowbar... woot woot.  OH and I promised a co-worker who is laid up in bed that I would keep blogging so she would have something to read now and then.  I guess the guilt is too much to let her down. So here I am.
Meat or no meat... lets keep chuggin' away shall we.

Now back to falling off the wagon. I didn't completely fall off the wagon, every now and then I do consider a vegan alternative to the meal I'm about to prepare, but some how get swayed back to the Porkside of the force... damn those pho restaurants, damn them to hell.
I suppose the call of the cattle is too much to resist, and the call of the doughnut, the pho, the pizza, chicken wings etc.  (maybe I should change my number)

oy vey !!

However, I have not given everything up.  I have stayed true to my almond milk in my coffee, I have stayed away from butter and most dairy products, with the exception of some cheeses. Damn that cheese again.  "get your paws off me you damn dirty provolone!!"
I'm sticking with my whole grains in my morning cereal and breads. But sadly, the consequences are showing on the scale once again.
hmmmm... wonder how all my other dieting counter parts are doing since New years??

So, its time to change the tactics of this whole situation.
Come on now, I can already hear you all grumbling, "there she goes, back to eating meat, couldn't keep it up, giving up...blah blah blah, now the blog will be boring"  Do not fret my friends, for I will share with you my next crazy idea.....

last weekend, I went and had a Live Blood analysis done, as opposed to a dead blood analysis, as the results of a dead blood analysis would be pointless ... as I would be dead.  Though, I would lose a lot of unwanted weight, and fat , and flesh .. oh, but then I would be feeding the bugs and that wouldn't be very vegan of me... so , lets stick to the LIVE BLOOD shall we.

So, I get this analysis done.  Its not really a test, they don't test anything and I don't remember any multiple choice questions, however, I did have to answer a simple questionnaire regarding my current health.

I won't bore you all with the full details of this analysis, however, the purpose of it all, is so that you can see what kind of "condition" or "state" your blood is in.  And then learn to eat better to reverse the effects.  Some have heard about the " eat for your blood type " diet.  This was similar, with the added bonus of knowing that your blood is crying out for help.  You can see it on the monitor which is hooked up to a microscope... the cells are pretty much group in clusters, shaking their little fists at your, giving you the finger and crap and warning you, if you don't shape up, they will ship out.

The good news is, I am still alive and I have AB type blood.  Figures I would get the odd blood type.  There are less then 5% of the worlds population...
oh sure, I couldn't have been in the 5% worlds riches people.. NOOOO .

But what this all means, is that I now can see the list of foods that I'm suppose to eat for my blood type.  And the scary fact is.. its practically VEGAN !!!!   and not only are they vegan foods, but Low fat vegan foods !!  " GET OUT ! Right?"
The goods that are considered vegan, but on the fatty side, like avocados, black olives etc are OFF my list.  Other foods that are generally ok for me, are still a high glycemic type food and I should stay away from.
The only Non vegan foods I can partake in, are turkey, egg whites, anything made from goats milk and mozza cheese... (yeah pizza).
I've decided starting March 1st , just for shits and giggles, to try and eat within my blood type.  This still gives me a bit of dairy freedom, however, since I'm not allowed caffeine or coffee, no need to worry about the almond milk any more... booo !
I will keep blogging until then and on ward !!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cheater, Cheater Pulled Pork Eater......

Well, I did it again, I allowed myself a cheat day, however, if you think back on it, it was actually more like a cheat week last week.
I guess because I dont have this burning urge to save the planet and all of gods creatures, because like most people, its easier to be in denial for the good of the pulled pork and bacon and grilled chicken.  So many of us like to believe that there is a special land where cows are dancing and singing and all to happy to fill those buckets up with milk and hand them to the farmer, who takes such good care of them and tucks them in every night to bed.... yeah... NOT,  but we believe in this anyways, every time we scoop into some ice cream, saute those mushrooms in butter and eat that multi-topping cheese covered pizza.  Forget Jersey Shore !! Hello Jersey Cows... ( in Snooki's case theres not much difference. - oops did I just think that out loud?? ) Anyways, I'm sure you get my point.

Because of the land of denial, I allowed myself for a whole week to come up with excuses to allow myself to indulge in non-vegan fare.  Everything from not upsetting the boss at office lunches, because the vegan restaurant was closed, as well as, " this dish has less fat in it then the vegan dish".  And once I allowed myself to cheat in the afternoon, well, I might as well cheat in the evening too... so I did!!  Pulled Pork for lunch and the a small pizza for dinner.  And not just any pizza, the New York Club at Rosodos (In Port Moody, look them up in the book ), which has every kind of meat you can think of ,
plus 3 different cheeses... Go Big or Go HOME!...

Guess what all those excuses got me... 3 added pounds back on. Yep, you heard it here first folks.  All that extra fat and processed food, 3 pounds came back. Now, I'm sure in the grand scheme of things, its mostly water weight from all the added salt that was probably consumed at the same, I'm not pulling the steak knives out just yet and slitting my wrists. I'll save that for the next Jersey Shore episode.
The realization of the 3 lbs sent me back on the straight and narrow for about 4 days.  Then it was Friday again.. and what is Friday you say?? Friday is Pho day... and my denial land of the world of pork came flooding in and a few other excuses too...and I had my pho... my vermicelli noodles w/ spring rolls.  And God said, "a table for 3", And it was good. And we rejoiced.  [julia: 2-4-12] .
And then the next day, which is today, I went off to a party that was a pot luck.  And like all good foodies, I made my famous beef and pork laden chili...and it was good and again we rejoiced and then took a handful of ant-acids.

The one thing I have not done, is given up the hope and optimisum that I will continue to try and turn my eating habits around, and seek still the goodness of the vegan way of life.
A month later, and I still haven't taken the jump off the cliff into the world beyond my comfort zone.  Unless you count that one dish I made that was so bad, we all threw it out. (not up) Even the dogs couldn't be bothered to try and dig it out of the trash.
I have learned, that when any person tries to change a way of life, in order to obtain something they think they don't have now, that without a "change in thought and belief system" , old habits die hard, and usually end up kicking and screaming until you start to make excuses once again to jump right back into the comfort zone.  Maybe that's why its called comfort food. 

Tomorrow is a new day, and there are more cows and pigs and chicken to save... and I will continue to fight the good fight for all animal kind... at least until the next pho Friday!!